GOM Player


>> Uninstallation

There are two methods by which you can uninstall GOM Player Plus. The first is by using the “Uninstall” application included with the software. You can find this application inside the “GOM Player Plus” folder in your Start Menu programs list (and also in the GOM Player Plus install directory).
Launch the GOM Player plus uninstaller from the Start Menu
The other way you can begin the GOM Player Plus uninstall process is by going through the Windows Control Panel.

For Windows 7 and :
1. Go to the Windows Control Panel
2. Click on “Programs”
3. Select “GOM >> GOM Player Plus” from the list
4. Click the “Uninstall” button at the top of the window.

This window will appear when you start the uninstaller and confirm the file path from which GOM Player Plus will be uninstalled.
Click the [Uninstall] button to begin the uninstallation process.

 GOM Player plus Uninstall Window 1
Partway through the uninstallation process, the following message may appear. If it does, click [Yes] to delete all files in the installation directory.

GOM Player plus Uninstall Window 2
When the installation is complete you’ll get a message confirming that it was successful. Click the [Close] button to exit the uninstaller program.