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GOM Player Plus License purchase and Refund policy

Views: 11,415 Date: 2017. 03. 27

Please read the GOM Player Plus License purchase and Refund policy before purchasing a full version license key.
Cancellation is available at any time within 14 days after your purchase date. (If you registered your license, you can not cancel your payment.)
1. Paid Licenses
1) The Agreement regarding the paid license of this Software shall be established by your consent to this Agreement, your application for the paid license, and acceptance thereof by Gretech. The other matters shall be in accordance with the policies issued by Gretech.
2) While using this Software on a paid basis, you may purchase the license at the GOM product homepage, or from a service provider who is authorized to sell licenses by Gretech.
3) When you make a normal payment for the charge, the license information will be sent to you at the email address saved in your profile, if you are a registered member, or to your email address entered by you for the purchase, if you are a non-registered member.
4) Payment of the amount shall mean that you also consent to the following: Gretech may provide to you various information that are deemed necessary for your use of the service by such means as email or wireless text messages, provided that you may refuse to receive such information at your discretion. However, Gretech may notify you of such matters as changes in important policies for the use of the service, which may include users who have refused to receive such information by such means as email.
5) After you purchase a Software license, you may cancel the payment if the refund warranty period defined by Gretech (no longer than 14 days) has not expired. Because you may not cancel or request a refund once license key is registered or after the refund warranty period has expired, it is recommended that you try using the free version sufficiently before purchasing a license.
6) If you use the payment information of a third party without their consent thereof, you shall be liable to civil/criminal liabilities, and may be subject to punishment under any relevant laws.
2. Refund Policies
1) If the user has not exceeded the refund period (within 14 days), Company will make a refund with a 10% deduction (due to processing fee) of the initial amount paid.
2) Refund of the software is only available before registering license.
3) In the case of a product bundle where more than two licenses were purchased under a single e-mail address, since this is considered a single product, a refund for the whole product is not possible if one of the licenses was registered. It is also not possible to receive any partial cancellation or refund for any unused license.
4) If you have acquired the license free of charge, and not through a normal payment, but through special services (coupons, gift cards, bonus points given by administrators), you may not cancel your payment or request a refund, because you have not made any actual payment.
5) If you breach this Agreement or any relevant laws, by such acts as sharing of your paid Software license with any third parties, or executing this Software concurrently on a number of computers exceeding your purchased license amount, payment cancellations or refund requests may not be allowed.
6) In any of the following cases, it will not be counted as the number of days of service use, and Gretech will not issue compensation for any damages:
- In the event Gretech cannot provide the service due to force majeure, such as national emergencies, or natural disasters;
- In the event Gretech carries out regular checks according to a schedule pre-defined by it, or expands the servers, or replaces any other equipment based on advance announcements;
- In the event the service cannot be provided due to causes imputable to you, such as ill intention or negligence;
- In the event the service cannot be provided due to inevitable causes by virtue of the telecommunications services;
- In the event the service cannot be provided due to faults of the telecommunications services provided by communications services other than Gretech; and
- In the event the service cannot be provided due to shortcomings or faults of the lines and equipment owned by individual communications services used by and/or based on your selection.