GOM Player


GOM Player & GOM Player Plus released!

Views: 4,769 Date: 2018. 07. 23

[Improvement of function]

- Supports 3D subtitle mode for the second subtitle. 

- Select to add DXVA when hardware acceleration HEVC is played. 

- Added 3 formats for saving subtitles. (MPL / PowerDivix / MicroDVD)

- Improved Ruby Tag support.

- Extended a range of moving down the subtitles < alt + down arrow >

- Fixed an error of behavior that SMI subtitles </br> is not recognized


[Customer feedback and correction of errors]

- Corrected an error that subtitles were not shown when playing audio. 

- Corrected an error that PNG album art was not exposed.

- Corrected an error that some skin names were marked as blank. 

- Set album art background color to black. 

- Corrected an error that broken images at the bottom of Full HD video are occurred when using Intel HW acceleration.

- Corrected an error of Nvidia graphic card recognition which can decode HEVC.

- Fixed an issue that voice correction setting was not maintained during double speed playback. 

- Corrected an error that no Bengali (Bangladesh) font appeared in animation subtitles. 

- Fixed an error that the skin which does not have an image area (such as Music Skin) does not work

- Fixed an error of Multi-Monitor recognition