GOM Player


GOM Player & GOM Player Plus released!

Views: 9,219 Date: 2018. 04. 26

[Improvement of function]

- Improved the way of background color setting when playing flash file. (.SWF)

- Improved advanced screen capture function.

- Improved a logic to find similar filenames.

- Added 'Play next file when playback fails' option in Setting.

- Added 'AC3 filter output from Internal Audio Filter' option in Setting.

- Improved the problem that subtitles overlap or disappear after changing the subtitle format.


[Customer feedback and correction of errors]

- Fixed the problem that cannot read the subtitles from ROM Drive path.

- Improved the problem that a small window temporarily appears when users maximize a window.

- Changed subtitle line spacing value ± 30 -> ± 50.

- Fixed LNK reference error.

- Fixed the problem that multi-segment repeat time appears wrong.

- Fixed the problem that High resolution (4K) HEVC contents snapshot and gallery crash.

- Fixed the problem that the subtitles are not displayed when users do image searching during playback.