GOM Player


GOM Player released!

Views: 10,260 Date: 2017. 02. 20

• Subtitle search window advanced

- Replaced some uncertain terms with intuitive terms

- Error fix that Language selection button cut when adjusting size

• Added support for audio codecs for playback of various audio formats

- Supports some PCM formats and eliminates noise

- Additional support for DVAudio, Speex, GSM, Intel IMC codecs

• Support for VTT format subtitles

• Remove the update pop-up notification when you launch the player by clicking the video file icon

• Changed the SUB (Subtitle Finder) button menu

- Added Show/Hide caption menu

- Added language selection menu

- Deleted some menus

• Remove Preferences > Sound > Plug-in tab

• Miscellaneous corrections and changes

- Fixed bottom bar afterimage when "Hide skin during playback" option was set

- Corrected an error that the saved GBM file was deleted from the "Timeframe List"

- Fix Cyrillic font overlap error

- Fixed a bug where system messages frequently appeared in Win8.1 OS

- Fixed Multiplayer option error in Win8.1 OS

- Fixed errors related to Israel subtitles