GOM Player


GOM Player & GOM Player Plus released!

Views: 8,705 Date: 2018. 05. 24

[Improvement of function]

- Corrected to reflect a ratio setting when capturing current screen

- Added a time limit setting for Animation GIF

- Extended format for capture support

- Improved Vorbis playback

- Improved stop phenomenon at double speed playback


[Customer feedback and correction of errors]

- Corrected an error of export / import motion in bookmark

- Corrected maximum value of subtitle sync interval setting. 1.0 seconds >> 10.0 seconds

- Improved subtitle display

- Corrected a problem that gallery subtitles were not included

- Improved subtitle file saving function during playback

- Corrected a problem that certain content could not obtain playback time

- Corrected a problem that certain content was not played at double speed

- Corrected a Play / Pause delay problem when playing sound source with album art

- Corrected a problem that the last line of certain SRT subtitles did not come out