GOM Player

GOM Player Mobile

The most advanced and customizable mobile video player!

GOM Player Mobile brings all the capabilities and features you get on your PC to your smartphone! Watch all your videos in the highest resolution, use the custom subtitle features, stream your videos from the cloud, get more with GOM Player Mobile!

Why use GOM Player Mobile?

The most comprehensive video playback supportSupports all major codec such as MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, and more. No more encoding your videos, even for iPhone users!

Subtitle features and search capabilitiesCustomize your subtitle viewing experience with subtitle size and sync control. GOM Player Mobile users will also have access to GOM Player's extensive subtitle database!

Cloud CapabilitiesShare and watch video files between PC and mobile using cloud storage. Use the cloud to upload/download videos anytime and anywhere you are!

Advanced FeatureCustomizable video playback speed, supports one handed controls (swipe for skipping/reversing, volume control, brightness, double tab screen capture, two finger tap start/stop) mirror mode, customizable ratio, floating screen, and 360 VR Mode, with more features coming!