GOM Player

Version History

Version Description
2017. 3. 23

    [Enhanced playback performance]
    • Supports 24-bit, 32-bit high-quality sound addition
    • Support for additional audio codecs for various audio formats
    - Support for MusePak 7, Monkey's lossless codec
    • Improved external codec stability

    [Improvement of function]
    • Remove GOM Remote popup and Subtitle Search window
    - We will provide better function in the future.
    • Provides tooltip for playback location when mouse over on the GOM Player Touch Skin Controller
    • When installing the GOM Player, add the WEBM file icon to the GOM Player
    • Change the default setting of the 'Maintain play speed' option from 'Do not keep' to 'Keep'
    • Removed 'Uninstall' tap in Preferences 

    [VOC and Bug Fixes]
    • Fixed an error related to Sub size in control window in version 2.3.12
    • Fixed an play time error-related in MKV file
    • Fixed an crash error in list-related in A-B repeat window
    • Fixed a problem in GOM Remote, VR 360 guide notation
    • Modify the menu to appear when you right-click on the mini-web and the bottom text ad area
    • Fixed Layered Windows subtitle guidelines in BorderlessMode
    • Fixed BorderlessMode afterimage problem
    • Fixed a problem where VSUtil was not deleted when uninstalling
2017. 2. 20

    • Subtitle search window advanced
    - Replaced some uncertain terms with intuitive terms
    - Error fix that Language selection button cut when adjusting size
    • Added support for audio codecs for playback of various audio formats
    - Supports some PCM formats and eliminates noise
    - Additional support for DVAudio, Speex, GSM, Intel IMC codecs
    • Support for VTT format subtitles
    • Remove the update pop-up notification when you launch the player by clicking the video file icon
    • Changed the SUB (Subtitle Finder) button menu
    - Added Show/Hide caption menu
    - Added language selection menu
    - Deleted some menus
    • Remove Preferences > Sound > Plug-in tab
    • Miscellaneous corrections and changes
    - Fixed bottom bar afterimage when "Hide skin during playback" option was set
    - Corrected an error that the saved GBM file was deleted from the "Timeframe List"
    - Fix Cyrillic font overlap error
    - Fixed a bug where system messages frequently appeared in Win8.1 OS
    - Fixed Multiplayer option error in Win8.1 OS
    - Fixed errors related to Israel subtitles
2016. 12. 19

    • FFMPEG Upgrade
    - Upgrade the default built-in codec performance
    • DVB subtitle support
    • Disable some options during dvd playback
    • Fixed the problem that playback stops when playing Mp3 file with album art
    • Miscellaneous corrections and changes
2016. 11. 21

    • Enhanced playback performance through filter upgrades
    - Added HEVC content playback in DXVA2 H/W acceleration
    - Added EM4A (Panasonic MP4) codec playback function
    • Enhance subtitle function
    - Fixed ASS subtitle output bug
    - Fixed Arabic output bug
    • Modify behavior related to moving bookmarks
    - Move to the previous/next bookmark based on your current playback position
    • Fixed an error that looks like a full screen(: stretched) when running full screen(: keep ratio)
    • Miscellaneous corrections and changes
2016. 10. 19
    • DMB, Wi-Di functions removed
    • Fixed some audio playback problems
    • Improve DVD subtitle color performance and aspect ratio
    • Revised the error when uploading subtitles
    • Add LG 360 VR Preferences
    • Offer GOM Software promotion
    • Add GOM Software Button
    • Add GOM Remote status pop-up
    • Expanded screen size in Dodge game
    • Added a update item in menu
    • Miscellaneous corrections and changes
2016. 09. 19
    • Add five national languages: Português, Deutsch, Italiano, Türkce, Français
    • Support for stereoscopic video playback separate up / down of the local video
    • Support for 360-degree Video's subtitle
    • Support for 360-degree photo playback
    • Add playable DVD-types, and improved the performance
    • Support for interworking LG R1
    • Add a pause function of the swf file
    • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes
2016. 08. 17
    • Add subtitles find window
    • The Youtube 360 degree separation up down of the stereoscopic video playback support
    • Youtube Video subtitle support
    • Add supported subtitles(sup, psb)
    • Fixed crash error when used touch function
    • Add GOM 2016 skin
    • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes
2016. 07. 20
    • Improved switching subtitles
    • Opensubtitles.org subtitles support
    • Fixed image quality error in high-definition monitor
    • txt, sbv, vobsub format subtitles support
    • Add 360degree video menu
    • Fixed 403 error in youtube video playback
    • Fixed AB repeat end position error
    • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes
2016. 06. 09
    • Added GOM REMOTE connection
    • FFMPEG version upgrade
    • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes
2016. 05. 02
    • Multi-language subtitle support
    • Add GOM ID authentication
    • Intel real sense Motion Support
    • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes
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