GOM Player

Version History

Version Description

    [Improvement of function]
    - Modified the rotation and reversal functions to be enabled at the same time
    - Improved processing url extension files
    - Enabled to use Ruby tag for subtitles
    - Enabled to use Location tag for subtitles


    [Customer feedback and correction of errors]
    - Corrected an error of rotation information after image rotation
    - Corrected an error of SWF play time display
    - Corrected an error that duplicate pictures are shown when taking snapshots
    - Corrected an issue that playback is stopped when YouTube video is modified to high definition
    - Corrected an issue that album art is not exposed to custom skins
    - Corrected an error of action "Show logo screen when playback is stopped"

    [Improvement of function]
    - Corrected to reflect a ratio setting when capturing current screen
    - Added a time limit setting for Animation GIF
    - Extended format for capture support
    - Improved Vorbis playback
    - Improved stop phenomenon at double speed playback


    [Customer feedback and correction of errors]
    - Corrected an error of export / import motion in bookmark
    - Corrected maximum value of subtitle sync interval setting. 1.0 seconds >> 10.0 seconds
    - Improved subtitle display
    - Corrected a problem that gallery subtitles were not included
    - Improved subtitle file saving function during playback
    - Corrected a problem that certain content could not obtain playback time
    - Corrected a problem that certain content was not played at double speed
    - Corrected a Play / Pause delay problem when playing sound source with album art
    - Corrected a problem that the last line of certain SRT subtitles did not come out

    [Improvement of function]
    - Improved the way of background color setting when playing flash file. (.SWF)
    - Improved advanced screen capture function.
    - Improved a logic to find similar filenames.
    - Added 'Play next file when playback fails' option in Setting.
    - Added 'AC3 filter output from Internal Audio Filter' option in Setting.
    - Improved the problem that subtitles overlap or disappear after changing the subtitle format.


    [Customer feedback and correction of errors]
    - Fixed the problem that cannot read the subtitles from ROM Drive path.
    - Improved the problem that a small window temporarily appears when users maximize a window.
    - Changed subtitle line spacing value ± 30 -> ± 50.
    - Fixed LNK reference error.
    - Fixed the problem that multi-segment repeat time appears wrong.
    - Fixed the problem that High resolution (4K) HEVC contents snapshot and gallery crash.
    - Fixed the problem that the subtitles are not displayed when users do image searching during playback.

    [Reflecting customer reviews and Correcting errors]

    - Revision of subtitle file playback error from network drive

    [Addition of new features]
    -Addition of SRT format subtitle storage function
    -Addition of ASS, SSA format subtitle storage function


    [Improvement of function]
    -Addition of counterclockwise rotation “Hot Key”
    -Image capture memory is compatible with KAKAO TALK


    [Reflecting customer reviews and Correcting errors]
    -Correct the error of partial subtitle playback
    -Correct the error of hiding cursor during playback
    -Correct the error of generation folder name during continuous capture
    -Fix the problem of not exposing a message to the status window in partial skin
    -Fix the problem of “No Response” when signing in
    -Correct the error of certain ASF file search
    -Correct the error of RTMP protocol contents search
    -Correct the error of displaying playback time in certain MP4 file
    -Fix the problem of “No response” when changing YouTube image quality
    -Improve playback of SWF file (Handling background color and marking play status)

    [Improved Functions]
    - Corrected immediately when changing the caption code page
    - Improved non-standard subtitle handling


    [VOC feedback and fixes]
    - Corrected errors related to subtitle tray popup
    - Improved handling of windows related to window maximization behavior
    - Fixed error of not displaying playlist of URL file
    - Subtitle explorer error correction for minus time
    - Fix popup error when modifying subtitle file
    - Fixed some content navigation bar output errors
    - Fixed some content navigation errors
    - Fixed error that can not play Atmos True HD content
    - Corrected image ratio enlargement / reduction operation error
    - Fixed error playing certain MP4 files
    - Fixed some subtitle alignment errors

    [New Feature]
    - Now supporting Vorbis format codec (Vorbis ACM)


    [Improved Functions]
    - Favorites window Resize-able Frame


    [VOC Feedback and Corrections]
    - Fixed multiple errors related to subtitles
    - Fixed errors related to DVD area 
    - Fixed VR 360 direction keys
    - Fixed YouTube subtitle errors
    - Fixed errors related to HEVC
    - Fixed errors related to MP3 and MP4 playback
    - Fixed errors related to dvd playback resolution in PAL(Phase Alternating Line)
    - Fixed errors related to playback of real video contents

    [Additional Codec]
    - Now supporting GV video codec


    [Function Improvements]
    - Improved YouTube subtitle support
    - Improved RTL subtitle support
    - Improved handling of smi subtitles
    (Enhanced support for miscellaneous  subtitles)
    - Improved VC1 video player back 


    [VOC feedback and fixes]
    - Fixed screen saver behavior
    - Fixed subtitle marking error
    - Fixed On’s AVC (Audio for Video Codec) error
    - Fixed MPEG2 video timing error
    - Fixed specific errors related to HEVC contents

    [Bug fixes]

    - Bug fix for subtitle display on specific system

    - Optimize media seeking

    - Improved support for non-standard SRT subtitles
    - Improved playback support for RM, ASF, FLV formats
    - Improved Thai language subtitle support
    - Improved Combining Diacritical marks
    - Now supporting right click on videos in the playlist
    - Improved message support
    - Improved playback for 240 fps hi-frame videos


    [VOC feedback and fixes]
    - HTC Vive frame loss correction
    - Fixed QCELP Codec error
    - Fixed bugs related to H264 codec

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