GOM Player


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The GOM Media Player user interface is composed of 4 main parts: the Main Window, the Playlist Window, the Control Panel, and the GOM Menu.
The Main Window is what you usually see when using GOM Media Player. It consists of the playback area, the seek bar, the basic playback controls, and the buttons to open the other windows of the user interface.
GOM Media Player Main Window

1. Playback Area
This is where the video you’re playing is displayed. If you’re playing an audio-only file, the GOM Media Player audio file background will be displayed here. When nothing at all is playing, the currently set Logo will be displayed (default shown above).
2. Play/Pause Button
This button will pause the video that is playing, or resume playing a video that is paused. If no file is currently loaded, pushing the Play Button will open the file browser so you can select a file to playback.
3. Stop Button
This button will stop the video (or audio file) that is playing entirely.
4. Backward & Forward Buttons
These buttons will skip forward or backward in the video or audio file that is playing based on your Time Jump settings.

- Default Time Jump is 10 seconds, but can be altered via the Preferences window (read more here)
- You can right-click the Backward and Forward buttons to skip to the previous / next file on the playlist.
5. Preferences Button
This button opens the Preferences window. Visit the Preferences section of this guide to read more about GOM Media Player preferences.
6. Seek Bar
This bar shows your location on the timeline of the file you’re playing. To the left of the seek bar you can see the current time (left) and the total time (right). You can click and drag the slider to move along the video’s timeline.
7. Volume Slider
This slider lets you control the output volume of GOM Media Player.

- 100% volume is displayed as the slider being 1/2 of the way full. Maximum volume is 200%.
- The slider will be displayed in orange for 0% ~ 100% volume (halfway full) and in red for 101% ~ 200% volume (all the way full)
- Click the volume icon to Mute the player.
8. Control Panel Button
This button will toggle the GOM Media Player Control Panel window.
9. Save the Current Frame Button
Clicking this button will take a screen shot and save it to the screen capture directory.
10. Open Button
Clicking this button will launch the file browser.
11. Playlist Button
This button will toggle the GOM Media Player Playlist window.
12. GOMlab Button
Currently clicking this button will open the GOMlab homepage in your default browser.
13. GOM Menu Button
This button will display the GOM Menu. You can also access the GOM Menu by right-clicking on the playback area.
14. Transparency Slider
This slider lets you control the transparency level of GOM Media Player. You can adjust from 0% transparency to 80% transparency.
15. On Top Button
This button allows you to always display GOM Media Player in front of other windows when the program is running, or when a file is playing. By pressing it, it will loop from “Always on Top”, “On top while playing” to “On top - off”. “On top - off” is the default setting.
16. Window Control Buttons
These buttons allow you to minimize, maximize, and close the GOM Media Player Main Window. You can also enter fullscreen mode by clicking the Fullscreen button.