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The information we need from you when there is a playback issue

Views: 136,343 Date: 2015. 04. 23

When you encounter a playback issue and try to contact GOM Media Player Support Center, please kindly provide below

two information.


Playback info and File info:

1. Launch GOM Media Player

2. Play the file that is having a problem

3. Press Ctrl+F1

4. Select "Playing Info" tab on the top

5. Click "Copy to clipboard"

6. Press Ctrl+V to paste the "Playing Info" to the reply e-mail

7. Go back to GOM Media Player then now select "File Info" tab on the top

8. Click "Copy to clipboard"

9. Press Ctrl+V to paste the "File Info" to the reply e-mail


Along with the File Playback information, provide as much information about the problem and the file as possible.

This includes how you created or acquired the file, the make and model of any device used to create the file, the name

and version of any software used to create or download the file, your system information, and any other information

regarding the circumstances under which the issue occurs.


The more information you provide to the Support Center, the faster they can investigate the problem and present you

with some suggestions and possible solutions.


GOM Media Player Support Center: