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“Next frame” is not working properly in version

Views: 17,470 Date: 2015. 03. 05

In the version of GOM Media Player, we have confirmed that the Shortcut: Ctrl+. or F (Next frame) or going

through by GOM Menu (Playback -> Next frame) is not working properly when the video output type is set as

"EVR - Custom Presenter".


The temporary way to fix this problem is changing the video output type to "VMR9 Renderless(DirectX v9)",

please try following steps:


1. Launch GOM Media Player

2. Press F5 to open the preferences window

3. Select "Video" on the left column, and then choose "Video" tab on the top

4. Under "Video Output", you'll find "Output Type", and please change it to

"VMR9 Renderless(DirectX v9)".

5. Close the preferences window, and then close GOM Media Player.

6. Play your file again and please try using the F shortcut.


* If setting "Enhanced Video Renderer" as the video output type, it would not be able to use "Display on

overlay surface" for subtitles display method. Thus if you want to use "Display on overlay surface",

please select "VMR9 Renderless(DirectX v9)" as your video output type.


As we have already sent the issue to the development team for consideration and hopefully it is something they'll

implement in the next version of GOM Media Player.


Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience and cooperation!


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