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Extra subtitle text being displayed after updating to version

Views: 17,053 Date: 2014. 08. 21

If you are experiencing an issue where extra subtitle text (such as "Dialogue: 0,0:00:03.05,0:00....

Main Dialog,,0000,0000,0000....", etc) is being displayed after updating to version, please try following

the steps below.

First, do a clean install of the software:

1. Completely uninstall GOM Media Player from your system.
2. Restart your computer. This is important in making sure all uninstalled files are removed completely.
3. Download the latest version of GOM Media Player from the link below:


4. Re-install the software

After doing a clean install, check to see if the issue has been resolved.

If the issue has not been resolve, next change your subtitle output type to "Display on video (TV-OUT):

1. Launch GOM Media Payer
2. Open the Preferences window by pushing F5
3. Select "Subtitles" from the list on the left
4. Go to the "Subtitles" tab
5. At the top of the window, select the radio-button next to "Display on video (TV-OUT)"
6. Close the preferences window and try playing the video again.

If neither of the above seems to correct the issue, please contact the GOM Media Player Support Center.

When contacting the support, please include the file playback info and the file info for one of the files that is giving you



Please try referring to the link below for retrieving the information:



GOM Media Player Support Center: