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"Failed to Create Skin" error when trying to start the software.

Views: 22,623 Date: 2012. 10. 23

If you are getting a "Failed to create skin" error when trying to launch GOM Media Player,

please follow the steps below to correct the issue.


Perform a clean install of the software:

1. Completely uninstall GOM Media Player from your system.

2. Restart your computer. This is important in making sure all uninstalled files are removed completely.

3. Download the latest version of GOM Media Player from the link below:


4. Re-install the software


After re-installing, please try launching the software again. 


If a re-install doesn't correct the issue, alter your Windows DEP settings:

1. Click the Windows Start button

2. Open the Control Panel

3. Click on "System" (If you're using Category view, go to "System and Maintenance", then "System")

4. From the list on the left, choose "Advanced system settings"

5. Go to the "Advanced" tab, and then click the [Settings] button located under the "Performance" heading.

6. Go to the "Data Execution Prevention" tab

7. Click the radio button next to "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:"

8. Click the [Add] button on the same window

9. Browse your computer for the "GOM.EXE" file (should be in C:Program Files (x86)GRETECHGomPlayer).

    When you find it, select "GOM.EXE" and click the [Open] button

10. Click the [Apply] button after "GOM Player" appears on the DEP list.

11. Click the [OK] button

12. Try launching GOM Media Player again.


If your Windows DEP settings are grayed out and can't be changed:

You will need to make some changes to your Windows settings via the Command Prompt.


1. Click on the Start button

2. Go to "All Programs"

3. Go to "Accessories"

4. Right-click on "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as Administrator"

5. Copy the following line of code, paste it into Command Prompt (right-click, "paste"), and then hit the [Enter] key.


bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOn


You should see a message that says the operation was successful.

6. Enter the line of code below using the same process as in step 5


bcdedit /set nx OptIn


7. Close Command Prompt, and restart your computer

You should now be able to change your Windows DEP settings.


If none of the above fixes the problem:

Please contact the GOM Media Player Support Center with a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing,

the language version of GOM that you are attempting to use, and the language and version of Windows that

you are using.


GOM Media Player Support Center: