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>> GOM changes my desktop theme when it starts

Windows Aero is a set of interface and design guidelines for the Windows user interface that were first implemented in Windows Vista. Aero effects are utilized in the default Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktop themes, but the Aero Glass theme was removed in Windows 8. Please see the wikipedia article below for more info:

Windows software uses a variety of output methods in order to display images and video on your screen. One such output method, known as “Overlay Mixer”, can only be used by one piece of software at a time.

If you have GOM Media Player set to use “Overlay Mixer” as its output method, it will conflict with Windows Aero themes and force you to set them to basic.

To fix this, you just need to set your GOM Media Player’s output method to something else. You can do this by following the steps below:

1. Launch GOM Media Player
2. Push [F5] to open the preferences window
3. Select "Video" from the list on the left
4. Go to the "Video" tab.
5. Under the "Video Output" heading, click on the pop-menu under "Output Type"
6. Select "VMR9 Renderless (DirectX v9)"
7. Close the preference window and try playing the file again.

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