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>> Playing 3D video files with GOM Media Player

While it is possible to play 3D video files with GOM Media Player, you need to have an output device (TV, Display, etc) that supports 3D playback to be able to actually view the file in 3D.

If your TV or computer display supports 3D video, please check to make sure you have to proper 3D settings enabled before trying to play the video. Often times special glasses are also required to view the file in 3D.

* Please remember that GOM Media Player does not support BluRay playback.

GOM Media Player can also display text-based subtitles on 3D videos, but the subtitle settings must be changed in order for them to display properly. If they are not changed, the subtitles will not aligned or displayed properly.

To enable 3D subtitles, follow the steps below:

1. Open a 3D video with text-based subtitles using GOM Media Player
2. Right-click on the video playback area and mouse-over "Subtitles"
3. Go to the bottom of the menu that pops up and mouse-over "3D Subtitle Mode"
4. Select Left/Right Mode or Top/Left Mode (whichever matches the 3D mode of the video you're watching)

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