[Update] GOM Media Player minor update released

Views : 35,008     Date : 2014-06-25
A minor update to GOM Media Player was released on June 25, 2014.

This update addressed some issues that occurred as a result of the update on June 17, 2014.

** Because this is a minor update, the automatic update feature will not work for users who are currently using! Clicking on the [Update] button inside the player interface will also not work for these users!

We recommend users who updated to version do a clean install of the software as per the instructions listed on the FAQ page below:

Changes in version include:

1. Corrected a security issue

2. Corrected an issue where the screen capture features were not working properly when a video was in the "pause" state.

3. Corrected an issue where certain files would not be displayed with the proper aspect ratio when using the Enhanced Video Renderer video output type.

4. Correct an issue where Arabic and other RTL subtitles were not being displayed correctly.
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