[Update] GOM Media Player released!

Views : 52,655     Date : 2013-12-19
A major update to GOM Media Player was released on December 19, 2013.

Note: If you are using GOM Media Player version or older and receive a message saying "This version is the most recently updated version." please download the latest version directly from our download page and overwrite the older install by simply installing the latest version of GOM Media Player.

Changes in version include the following:

•GOM Media Player now officially supports Windows 8.1.
•Fixed an issue where MP3 files containing album art information would not play while using Enhanced Video Renderer.
•Modified file access rights during playback.
•Improved playback support for files requiring the TSCC codec.
•Fixed an issue affecting the Enhanced Video Renderer video output setting.
•Fixed an issue where MP4 files made with Windows Movie Maker wouldn't play properly.
•Fixed an issue affecting ASX and video/audio streaming from the Internet.
•Fixed an issue affecting .AVI files created with Casio Digital Cameras.
•Improved playback while playing files with Intel Quick Sync Video enabled.
•Intel Quick Sync Video and the ASF source filter are now both disabled by default.
•Other misc. corrections and fixes.
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