[Update] GOM Media Player released!

Views : 83,708     Date : 2013-08-29
A major update to GOM Media Player was released on August 29, 2013.

This update (version includes many significant changes:

User Interface / General Features
1. A new default GOM Player 2.2 Skin has been applied.

* The skin will only be applied by default if you are doing a clean install of the software. If you overwrite your current installation, the skin you are currently using will be maintained.

2. Volume can now be boosted to 200%.

* When increasing the volume, the slider will momentarily stop at 100%.
* The volume slider will be in the middle of the volume scroll bar when volume is set at 100%
* The volume slider will be displayed as orange for 1% ~ 100% and as red for 101% ~ 200%
* This is a volume boost feature, so audio may be distorted at 200% when playing some files.
* A feature has been added to the player's audio preferences that allows you to cap the volume setting at 100%. This feature is OFF by default

3. UI Transparency Slider added, allowing you to adjust the opacity/transparency of the GOM Player User Interface

4. Bookmark Feature Improved

* A bookmark manager window has been added
* A feature that will show bookmarks on the seek bar has been added
* Ability to delete individual bookmarks from within the Player UI has been added.
* Ability to jump to next/previous bookmark has been added

5. When using Windows 8, it is now possible to open the Windows Control Panel "Default Programs" window for GOM Player from the Player Preferences window (Preferences -> Others -> File Types)

6. A small playback status icon will now appear over the GOM Player icon on the taskbar.

7. When changing the window size a message reflecting the change will now be displayed.

Internal Codec Support
GOM Media Player now supports playback of the following codecs with it's internal filters.
2. Vorbis
4. Theora
5. VC-1
6. VP6
7. FPS1
8. IV50
9. IV40
10. SVQ3

* Unfortunately AC3 audio is still not supported by GOM's internal filters.
* AAC Audio playback may still require additional codecs on some systems.

Corrections and Fixes:
1. A buffer overflow security issue was identified and corrected.

2. An issue where the audio and video track would be slightly out of sync (~0.3 seconds) on some XviD and MPEG4 video files has been corrected

3. An issue where the Display Aspect Ratio of some files was not being correctly recognized has been corrected.
*Display aspect ratios may still be incorrect on certain files.

4. Improved the ability to correctly display the "Current Frame" information on the Playing File Info window.

5. Other misc. corrections and fixes.
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