The required codec could not be found.
There are a number of possible reasons why the codec you require could not be located:

  • The file you are attempting to play / convert may not be an audio or video file.
  • The file you are attempting to play / convert may corrupted/damaged.
  • The codec you require may not be freeware/shareware, and therefore we cannot provide you with a download link or additional information.
  • Our database may simply not be able to determine which codec you need based on the information it received.
  • The Codec Finder is designed to assist users in locating additional codecs to play files that GOM software does not natively support, and will only help you locate legal open-source, freeware, or shareware codecs. Please be sure to read the license information provided by the codec's creator before installing.

    Gretech does not officially endorse or recommend the installation of any additional codecs, and cannot be held responsible for any problems or damages that arise from installing 3rd-party codecs.
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